Can you SMELL what the Minister IS SMOKING?

Well, WordPress just ate a post, so fuckit. I am tired.

Long story short:  Paula Bennett, Minister for Social Development and Employment, gets pissy that two solo mothers are making noise about training allowance cuts.

Paula Bennett responds by releasing confidential information about these women’s incomes.

Ooh, sick burn, Paula. You sure triumphed over the forces of raising-children-on-your-own-while-studying.

Too bad the Cabinet Manual doesn’t seem to concur, and citing the Privacy Commission’s website as a backup? Not the best idea you ever had because if there’s one thing bloggers love, it’s being able to just check things online.

End result?  You want to have a petty little flamewar, Paula, get a fucking blog and don’t use your position as a fucking Minister of the Crown to bully people into silence.


  1. jcuknz

    How is revealing the truth of the matter be bullying? If you live by the public purse then what you get should be public. If you don’t like that then get a job.

    • QoT

      Ah yes, the “know the full story” argument, plus the “living off the public purse”. How often have you availed yourself of state-funded medical care, jc? How about asked the police for aid, or driven on taxpayer-funded roads? Because I’m pretty sure you’ve had plenty of support from the public purse in your time.

      As to “knowing the full story”, well that’s a whole post in of itself.

      Nice way to miss the whole point that these women are trying to get jobs, too. But don’t let the facts get in the way of some good prejudice.

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  3. jcuknz

    nt tht y ddn’t sggst th qstn ” hw mch tx hv y pd?” Nvr mnd, dn’t xpct t f y. ntrstng ths mrnng n Mrnng Rprt th hstrcl lbr fml scrmng hr hd f n th hs nd fllwed by th clm vc f th Mnstr. Nt ll fmls r dts.

    [QoT: Sexist bullshit gets you disemvowelled, jc. Do it again and you’re off my blog.]

  4. jcuknz

    Yr mmtrty nd spr-snstvty dzzls m. 🙂

    [QoT: And now you’re officially getting told to fuck off. Trite trollish bullshit in your own blog, please.]