Well SOMEBODY’S being provoking …

And no, I don’t think it’s Clayton Weatherston’s parents – it’s the anonymous NZPA staffers* who haven’t got the fairly loud “provocation defence NOT COOL, people” message resounding across the country recently.

Let’s play a wee game of spot-the-disparity, shall we?


Weatherston was ‘provoked – parents’


Convicted murderer Clayton Weatherston should spend the rest of his days behind bars, say his victim’s family, but his parents maintain he was provoked into killing his ex-girlfriend.

Actual quote from Weatherston’s parents?

Mr and Mrs Weatherston acknowledged their son was unpopular but believed he was provoked by Miss Elliott.

The use of provocation as a defence is a legitimate legal thing to do,” Mr Weatherston said.

I think provocation was the only thing left to defend him with.”

Hmm. Seems like someone’s sure interested in towing that “Sophie Elliot was horrible catty nagger, sometimes men can’t help it because teh wimminz are MEANIES” line, but it doesn’t appear to be Mr and Mrs Weatherston.

(The line between “use of provocation as defence is legitimate” and “use of provocation as excuse to smear murdered woman and her family” being a rather different matter, of course.)

*Totally off-topic – notice how the people who are always whinging that bloggers are “anonymous” don’t seem to have the same objections to literally anonymous press reports?