… and I am the Cheshire Cat

To quote Anita at Kiwipolitico, If Bronagh Key is a solo mum then I’m an Iraqi refugee.

But no, apparently having a mansion so big the Diplomatic Protection Squad have difficulty covering it is totes balanced out by the long hours That Nice Mr Key puts in down in Wellington.

Like Anita, I don’t doubt that there are a lot of pressures put on a family by having one parent serving as Prime Minister. But … a “solo mother”? Seriously? That’s the line we’re running with? From a man who once attacked the Domestic Purposes Benefit because “some” solo parents* had been

for want of a better term, breeding for a business

And HE’S going to fucking pull the “lolz iz so hard for my wife coz I is away so much she iz totes solo mum lol” line?


*Because of course he was only talking about a minority and not in any way just leaving a loophole when criticised for characterizing all beneficiaries as bludgers. Oh no no no, he just meant SOME! Honest! That’s why the right wing spends so much time also talking about the other, non-bludging, non-headline-grabbing kinds of beneficiaries.


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  3. youamsbilious

    nd thght Hln ws bls btch ….. sh n’t gt nthng n y.

    [QoT: That’s two strikes for pointless trolling simultaneously. One more and you can fuck right off.]