Emma Hart is my homegirl

And she has a fucking amazing piece up in honour of NZ Women’s Refuge’s Annual Appeal.  Warning: very likely triggering, depiction of domestic abuse.

Imagine you’re a woman. This will be easier for some of you than others, obviously. Enjoy the easy, it’s about to get harder.

It of course takes a mere page of comments before idiocy emerges, but you can’t win them all.

It is the Women’s Refuge Annual Appeal week, and I thoroughly encourage y’all to donate, because they do hugely important, heartbreaking work that needs to be done.

Sobering fact of the day in case anyone’s feeling callous or indifferent about abuse: their website has a “Hide My Visit” button.  Because there are women out there whose partners will search their browser history and attack them physically if they find evidence – like a visit to a Refuge website – that their victims might be looking for a way out.

Good news:  Clayton Weatherston was found guilty of murder.  To hell with you, bullshit “provocation” defence.  Anjum has some thoughts on the verdict.

Funny of the day:  Gordon Campbell eviscerates the appointment of Don Brash to the Government’s shiny new productivity forum. Wage gap with Australia? HOW COULD THAT HAVE HAPPENED?

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