Cut off my reproductive rights and I’m cutting off yours

What I/S said.

Of course, the easiest way to let the pro-controlling-women’s-bodies crowd know that they are a dying people and we should let them pass would be to just have some clear, concrete legislation that throws out the whole “two certifying consultants” and their little bag of good-enough-reasons situation.  To just give women abortion on demand. To have better, comprehensive sex education so a shitload of unplanned pregnancies don’t happen in the first place.

Hell, then we might not even need to put folate in everyone’s bread! But this is clearly Crazy Talk and I am just a mere woman who cannot be trusted with her own damn body; besides, with a Government that happily aligns itself with the Nonsensical Sentencing Trust we shall probably have to consider ourselves lucky if the High Court simply upholds the status quo.

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