Another, horrible, reason

Via No Right Turn, a man has been sentenced to 12 months in prison for beating his daughter over the head with a lump of concrete.  This was apparently in the aid of good parental correction when she refused to go to his church, or something.

And this is why I will vote yes, and this is why I will forever be fucking pissed off at people who complain that “there’s a difference between a light smack and child abuse” and “I never hit my kids, I just smacked them“.

I mean, first of all because they’re wrong, but that’s a whole ‘nother flamewar.

Because here’s the thing, pro-smackers.

Sure, you see the magical line between smacking and hitting.

You’re the kind of parents who don’t abuse their kids but just sometimes give them taps on the bottom as part of loving discipline.

So it seems totally kosher to you that parents should be legally allowed to defend their actions as being reasonable force.

But when you stand up and say “parents know what’s best for their children, and sometimes physical discipline is the only recourse”? And when you say “the nanny state shouldn’t interfere with the parent-child relationship” and when you say “look, this guy is a good parent, he was just at the end of his tether“?

This guy?

Thinks you support what he did.


  1. Lew

    … and perhaps you would have, if he’d only been smart and used something less than a piece of fucking concrete.


    • QoT

      Sad but horribly true, Lew. I must admit to reading the article and, as soon as I saw the church in question was Mormon, thinking “Oh man, if only he’d attended a mainstream Protestant Church, that would probably have made it okay!”

  2. jcuknz

    That is the trouble with religious extremists but has no relevance to the referendum which is about disciplining children. Assault/abuse is an offence and I hope it always will be.

    • QoT

      Your ability to miss the point is, as always, inspiring, jc.
      The fact is, Lew is completely correct: anything less than “lump of concrete” would make this *exactly* the kind of case Family First et al would raise a hue and cry about.
      You know what else hitting teaches children? That powerful people get to use violence against smaller people. And that violence is an effective solution to conflict. What a wonderful world to live in when everyone accepts these “sensible” principles.

  3. jcuknz

    “What does hitting teach a child?” It hurts and to avoid that they need to fit into their circle. As they grow up they will inhabit a larger society which has its rules which they need to conform to in order to avoid punishment.
    By ‘hitting’ I assume a hand smack rather than abuse with an object.

  4. jcuknz

    It is lateral thinking dear, not missing the point.
    What is the law but a more powerful personage using violence against its citizen. Children learn by increments and a smack on the bottom, NEVER on the head which can do lasting damage to brain cells and resulting quality of life, is a quick and simple introduction to the facts of life … if you don’t behave yourself somebody is going to clobber you. It is a great shame that this fact of life is missing from so many young folks upbringing these days.

    • QoT

      Sorry, jc, I just don’t want any part of the kind of thinking that says “we should use the threat of violence to maintain submission by our children to our authority”.

      And cut the condescending “dear” bullshit or you’re getting disemvowelled.

  5. jcuknz

    disemvowelled? What new feminist torture is this? I retract the dear with apologies. I had second thoughts about it but there is no edit function on your site.

    • QoT

      Thinking before speaking is even easier on the Internet than in real life, jc.

      Disemvowelment. Particularly telling your brain went straight to “feminists are nasty” as opposed to “Google it yourself”.

  6. Boganette

    You really are excruciating Jcuk.

    Seriously. Nobody in their right mind thinks children need to be hurt in order to “behave”.

    That is so sick it’s not funny.

    And when you’re an adult – and able to protect yourself – you don’t expect to be “clobbered” for not “behaving”. So they’re not the “facts of life”.

    I really believe that you’re just a troll. Because no normal person could think the way you do.

  7. jcuknz

    Boganette … when you are an adult they clobber you in different ways. A smack on the bottom with the hand is a good way to make the point to a child. It hurts for a short time but quickly passes. I know my son got very annoyed when I didn’t smack him … but that is a story I doubt QoT would give me space to relate.

    • QoT

      Said it before and I’ll say it again, jc, you’re perfectly free to write whatever you like on your own damn blog.

  8. jcuknz

    cutting out the www.
    [QoT: Still not working, and coming very near to spamming. Anyone who wishes to see your blog is perfectly capable of Googling it.]

  9. Security Christchurch

    There is no excuse on what he did. Children doesn’t learn through hitting. They tend to rebel instead. There’s a lot of ways to discipline a child other than smacking or hitting.