So it’s about the right to hit good parents?

Lyndon Hood’s spreadsheet guide to voting in the forthcoming [insert ideological slant] referendum is amazing, and offers a great reason not to write rude things on your ballot – it’s not the little orange person’s fault the question’s stupid, is it?


  1. jcuknz

    The question is not stupid but rather the folk who cannot follow a fairly simple question. People who spend their time picking holes in things and so cannot understand the whole.

    • QoT

      And I’m sure that those of our political leaders on both sides of the House who think the question is ambiguous or largely meaningless are just as stupid in your eyes, jc.

      Lyndon Hood’s spreadsheet quite adequately shows why the question is anything but “simple” and – even if you agree with its biased proposition – thoroughly meaningless.

      Less picking holes and more the holes themselves screaming HEY I’M OVER HERE! WATCH ME FAIL BASIC LOGIC!

  2. Boganette

    Jcuk – John Key thinks the question is stupid and he’s prime minister of this country. But then I’m sure like other smacker freaks you think he – along with every other politician that thinks the question is stupid – is just part of some big conspiracy against Family First nutbars and Good Christian Folk.

  3. jcuknz

    No I don’t think it is a conspiracy, just the poor level of education in New Zealand that raises kids to be Prime Minister and leader of the opposition without the ability to comprehend anything more than a five word bite. Either that or the fact that TV has ruined the country in yet another way.

  4. Boganette

    So you believe that the majority of politicians, and the prime minister of NZ have a ‘poor level of education’? And you – somehow (????) do have a “level of education” that allows you to understand the question over every single other right-minded person in NZ.

    I think you’ve got Clayton Weatherston syndrome.