Drive-by posting

Because I am sleepy, and this one is for the Aussies out there:


Men at Work’s Down Under ‘ripped off’ Kookaburra

Now, as unlikely as it seems, the classic children’s ditty Kookaburra and the Men At Work hit Down Under are set to go head-to-head in court amid accusations part of the rock anthem is a rip off.

Apparently this was first posited in 2007. 2000-fucking-SEVEN. Stop me if I’m jumping to conclusions, but I can’t help but think, given the cult-like status of Down Under and the so-common-even-KIWI-schoolkids-sing-it Kookaburra?* SOMEONE WOULD PROBABLY HAVE NOTICED EARLIER.

*It’s in an episode of Doctor Who, for fuck’s sake.