Oh, *now* we can use the r-word

In case there were lingering doubt in anyone’s mind about the deliberate downplaying of sexual assault that occurs in media reports that commonly use phrases like “began having a sexual relationship with the nine-year-old”, and in case anyone still thinks the “not legally proven to be rape” argument holds water:

Horrified onlookers see daylight sex attack

A woman was abducted from a New Plymouth street and raped in broad daylight yesterday as horrified members of the public looked on.*

The 48-year-old was walking along Breakwater Rd … when she was grabbed by a man who forced her on to a nearby grass area where he sexually violated her in full view of the busy road.

…[Police] were able to arrest the alleged offender, a 29-year-old Taranaki man, soon after.

Look at that! Accurate use of the word “rape” while maintaining legally-mandated presumption of innocence! Who’d’a thunk it?

Unless of course there’s some reason this counts as “real” rape in some mystical way all those other cases don’t.

*In the interests of not confusing the point I am not even going to start on the phrase “looked on”.


  1. jcuknz

    I’d also question the ‘horrified’ too ….’spineless bastards’ comes to mind, else doubt coming from our age of sexual freedom. That the woman was a willing partner to the disgusting activity in a public place. ‘Abducted’ too is an intereting use of the word to describe what happened.

    • QoT

      I have no idea what your comment is even meant to say, jc, so I’m going to go with “what the hell are you smoking?”

  2. Fem

    I’m also confused by Jc’s comment….

    I’m trying not to be cynical but I wonder if the R-word was used simply for the purpose of making the story more ‘juicy’. I hope not.

  3. jcuknz

    Maybe because of our age differences we speak a different language. I gave up on tobacco in 1974 and have never experimented with anything else.
    It is almost as if like being infected with the culture of America from movies and tv the standing by and watching is more prelevant than going to the assistance of a victim. Or perhaps the voyuering of reality tv is the problem, a type of programming which I regard with utter distaste. Then again we have the problem of our society where the sole aim of ‘the law’ is to apprehend the criminal and largely leave the victim to cope on their own resources. The watchers are of course an extension of the law and they apparently just watched ‘horrified’ without doing anything to solve the problem … perhaps they thought it was a reality tv show.

    I hope you can appreciate my disgust at what happened which is similar to your feelings I think.

  4. jcuknz

    I am suprised at your apparent limited comprehension, perhaps I should sprinkle a few ‘f’ words through my answers. …

    [QoT: Edited because this is not your fucking blog, jc*. You want to write painfully-long paragraphs of wank, you can sign up to WordPress or Blogger just like all the cool kids.
    *Sorry, thought I’d better stay in character!]