People I love today

Horrible Wellington weather can really take it out of a blogger sometime, so just two shout-outs to people who have made me grin/cackle today:

Editing the Herald: Fuck dude, you know you’re on to something when they threaten legal action. Give ’em hell. Wait, no, I mean OH DUDE THE LOGO TOTALLY HAD ME FOOLED I THOUGHT YOU WERE ACTUALLY AN OFFICIAL APN-FUNDED BLOG ahahahahahano.

And Lesley at Fatshionista, who revealed THE AWFUL TRUTH about her lord and master, Fat Satan, with one of the best sentences I’ve read in my life:

You knew Fat Satan was looking out for you. That in the times when there was only one set of fingerprints in the bowl of raw cookie dough, those were the times when Fat Satan was feeding you.

Love you guys.