Accentuate the positive

It’s Friday, I’m buggered (and a few Jaegers down), so let’s just have some good news for a change:

Angie Zapata’s killer was found guilty of first degree murder

Take that, trans-panic defence! And the jury only took two hours to deliberate. I call that a fucking victory.

Helen Clark awarded honorary doctorate by U of A

The Standard’s resident trolls are of course ticking every available box on their bingo boards (come on, guys, no GUESS SHE DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT THE LAWS OF THE ROAD yet?), but fucking good on ya, Helen.


  1. jcuknz

    It is as meaningful as those given to folk who stuffed their heads with a bit of information and regurgitated it on demand between drinking themselves stupid, getting std, and burning couches on roads etc. What’s Bingo?

    • QoT

      Bingo, in this instance, refers to the fact that as soon as The Standard posts about Helen Clark, amazingly predictable comments about corruption/criminality/that fucking painting/ivory-tower academics ensue. So predictable, one could make a bingo board out of them.

      And thanks for hitting some classic student-hate bingos there yourself, jc.

  2. Richard M. Nixon

    Are we to assume that jcuknz does not place any value on the acquisition and synthesis of information?

    Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

    I do hope that the menial, mindless work he must perform is at least physically stimulating.

  3. jcuknz

    I hope that you a] do not have cause to drive through the student area which sparkles with diamonds ever weekend morning and b] have to pay through your rates [or rent] for the stupid bastards who just about every weekend burn something on a roadway and so destroy the seal.

    Why don’t the majority of students do something about this troublesome minority?

    It must be the time for tributes … Helen gets a doctorate and the guy in in Fiji is also honoured.

    • QoT

      Yes, jc. It’s totally the responsibility of the majority of students, who might have things on their minds like studying and passing and not accruing life-crippling student loans, to make the tiny, tiny minority who YOU like to make generalisations about as though they were ALL students, behave. Yup.

      And all car owners should “do something” about the troublesome minority who drive SUVs like they own the road.

  4. jcuknz

    It would be nice, though I suspect quite impossible, to do something about the mindless pedestrians [and cyclists skateboarders]who wander over roads with no consideration for traffic. As a driver I am used to following guidelines and continue to do so as a pedestrian .. but obviously I am misguided in doing this. The driver can loose their licence whereas the pedestrian can only loose their useless life … the licence is much more important to me. … so pedestrians etc survive come what may.

    Large SUV unfortunately tend to hide the road and marking from their drivers judging from the way they seem to ignore them … whereas as a small SUV driver I find I can be as precise in my driving as even when in a car. Yes I’m one of those silly folk who try to obey the rules.

    • QoT

      jc, your ability to miss the point, go off on random tangents and sound kinda scary in your obliviousness continues to amaze.

  5. jcuknz

    I am aware that the young comprise not only students but non-students which tends to confuse the issues.

  6. jcuknz

    They made Roger a Sir, I wonder if the Govt will make her a Dame, or whatever she would accept. Perhaps they changed the names around so that she wouldn’t accept a Dame .. altogether quite amusing.

    It wasn’t so much that she thought attending a damm fool football match was worth endangering fellow road users but she let the staff carry the blame. So much fo transport’s ‘speed kills’ messages, which I don’t agree with .. as Helen proved it is the stop that kills not the speed.
    Is that closer to the thread? 🙂

    • QoT

      It’s always nice to see you’ve got the Dull Rightwing Troll talking points covered, jc.

  7. Fem

    QoT – I’m sure you already know but if you don’t: You’re quoted in this month’s Marie Claire in an article about Bettina Arndt. The article made my head explode but your comments were spot on. The only light in a horrible article.