Market forces say what?

Linked via a comment thread over on The Standard:

Private schools await $10m boost

Private schools are poised for a big funding boost from the Government.

Some private schools have said they will be forced to integrate in the state system as the recession hits rolls.

Independent Schools of New Zealand executive director Deborah James said the “crippling” capped funding regime of the former Labour government, combined with the recession, had put “real pressure” on the financial sustainability of independent schools.

… Riiiiiiiiiight.  So what you’re saying, private schools, is that it’s totally unfair that the Labour government expected you to, you know, cope on your own, what with being private schools charging thousands per pupil per term?

What you’re saying is it’s really unfair how you’re susceptible to market forces when you choose to operately privately?

What’s you’re saying is that just because you’ve rejected the state-school umbrella in great economic times doesn’t mean you’re so principled as to take the bad with the good?

Give me a fucking break.  And the hilarity of the line about “no, honestly, some of this will go to scholarships for kids who can’t afford private schooling” is unlikely to be surpassed any time soon.  Let me guess: said kids will also be surprisingly good at rugby?

This is not the big bank bail-out of the US.  The economy is not dependent on private schools and their precious rich kids.  The only issue here is that some people’s kids might have to go to *shudder* public schools with the underclasses (and until they scrap zoning, those public schools are still much more likely going to be in “better” areas anyway).

Smart kids will always do well.  Rich kids will always have privilege and advantage in society.  Private schools, which are going to turn around and scream “WE’RE AUTONOMOUS, LEAVE US ALONE” as soon as governmental funding comes with any actual strings attached, need to grow some spine and fuck off away from public money.

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