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That, my friends, was some damn good cricket.  Let’s face it, any time the commentator gets to say “Um, no, I’ve never seen that done before” (referring to Lucy Doolan’s hilarious back-of-the-bat hit to the boundary), AND the commentator in question is Wasim frackin’ Akram … it’s some damn good cricket.

And Wasim? I could fucking kiss you for your comment on the Pakistani women’s team – “They’ve done very well, and now they just need to get out and play a lot more cricket at home.”  That, back-to-back with pictures of you with Waqar Younis and his family watching the final? OH GOD, it was enough to make me almost forget that it was being broadcast on Sky Sport 3 and an earlier commentator’s remark about “some great cricket we’ve seen played here in the North Sydney Oval and around rural New South Wales over the past weeks”.*

Biased-Kiwi MVP Corner:

Lucy Doolan.  Holy hell, that was some crash-hot cricket right there.

Lucy Doolan smashes it48 runs scored then 3 for 23 in the bowling. LOWER HUTT FUCKIN’ REPRESENT.  Sweep shots to make Brendon McCullum think, “I feel a disturbance in the Force, as though a short blonde nursing student from Massey is totally putting me to shame somewhere.”**

Small, Painful Annoyance Corner:

Dear ICC,

When I am reading a story on Cricinfo.com about the English women’s victory, and there’s a “related links” sidebar, with a “Teams – England” link? I DO NOT WANT TO BE REDIRECTED TO THE ENGLAND MEN’S TEAM PAGE. FUCK YOU.

And finally, Charlotte Edwards, captain of the English team: holy crap, it’s been a while since I saw a team’s captain (or a whole team, for that matter) this freaking happy.

Charlotte Edwards victorious[Description: Charlotte Edwards hugs a team-member after their victory, crying happily.]

*I’m sure rural New South Wales is a lovely area. I’m just also sure Hell will undergo a major ice age before a men’s world cup in any sport is ever played there.
**Seriously, though, Brendon, you’re awesome.


  1. Emma

    I have the same feelings about Lucy Doolan and Brendan McCullum ie wow, great hitting and man, nomnomnom. That probably makes me a bad person, but y’know, who cares.

    Nice to see that Stuff, however, didn’t have a story on this game in their CRICKET SECTION until after noon today. I’m clearly not going to be running out of life-sustaining furious anger in a hurry.

  2. QoT

    Ooh, I briefly looked at Stuff to see if they had any cracking pics, but decided, after noting that the women’s final was 5th on the cricket-dedicated page, that it was not worth the effort.

    If cricket-crushing on Doolan and McCullum is a bad thing, I do not want to be good.