You know the Patriarchy is an instrument of evil …

… when it’s forcing me to defend Pauline Hanson.

I mean, it’s bloody Sarah Palin all over again.

Attack her policies.  Attack her actions.  Attack her statements.  But for the love of fuck, stop attacking her because she’s a woman.  Stop attacking her in ways only women (and gay men feminized for the occasion) get attacked.

An Australian newspaper, which no, I’m not linking to, has allegedly received sexual/nude photos allegedly of Pauline Hanson from, allegedly, over thirty fucking years ago.

Cue every fucking media outlet covering the story, not to add anything, not to comment on the political situation around her or her recent activities as a politician*, but just so they can fucking splash those photos around as much as possible.  Fuck, they’re probably even telling themselves it has something to do with The Public’s Right To Know.

Does the public have a right to know that at some point a young woman who may or may not be Pauline Hanson posed for nude photos?  And if so, why?

Is it because using any excuse to call a woman a slut – especially a powerful/influential/high-profile/older woman – is a good excuse?  Or because the easiest way to attack a woman’s credibility is to bandy about the notion that at some point in her life she may have done it with boys and, Gods forbid, enjoyed herself? Clearly signs of an immoral personality who shouldn’t be allowed any kind of power – why, forget that you might find her actual policies or ideology reprehensible or anything, she might just be too busy having it off to even show up!

God, this shit gets tiring some times. So I’m going to leave you with the words of the fantastic, sadly fictional, Laine Hanson (creepy synchronicity!):

I just wouldn’t be using sex as leverage if I were you. Because, you know, there’s one thing you don’t want. It’s a woman with her finger on the button who isn’t getting laid.

*I specifically note “as a politician”, because of course the TV media, never sated by static images, naturally grabbed footage of her stint on Australian Dancing With The Stars and overdubbed it, “She certainly had no objection to squeezing into black lycra on television” – absolving themselves from responsibility for flashing the photos up on screen time and time again BECAUSE THE SLUT WAS ASKING FOR IT, YOU SEE.  Rape myths:  they’re not just for sexual assault any more!

Related Post:  Clem at The Dawn Chorus commends Pauline Hanson’s reaction to the ZOMGSCANDAL.  Laine would be proud.


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  2. Pascal's bookie

    ooh didja see on TV3 news tonight when they put the uncensored photo’s up, followed immediately by the pixelated face of the guy that sold them to the papers.

    Ha! Fuck!

    I mean shit. The guy was on to say that he was pretty sure it was Pauline Hanson. Or at least he was pretty sure it was a Pauline, and he only sold the pictures cause he needed the dosh to pay for his cancer treatment. Now cancer is obviously nasty shit. No one would wish that on anyone.

    But if ‘why he did it’ is the angle of the story, complete with close ups of the tumor growing out of his shoulder, why pixelate his face? Oh, because he’s the victim of the cancer which made him sell the photo’s that may or not be of Pauline Hanson in the nuddy. Here have another look at them. You can see her tits!!

    What say you Pauline, are these your tits? Prove it, show us your belly button. ffs.

  3. QoT

    I did not see that, PB. What I *did* see was the photographer’s comments in the DomPost about how the photos totally couldn’t be faked, newspapers have software to detect ‘Shopped pixels!!!

    … Except for that bit where these aren’t digital photos, were allegedly taken 30 years ago, and, shocking I know, but PhotoShop is hardly the only way to falsify images. God forbid one consider the possibility of, say, an opportunist finding a model bearing a passing resemblance to Ms Hanson willing to pose nude for cash or anything.

  4. jcuknz

    I was amused to see TV3 posting what looked like an ‘un-censored’ photograph … except I had earlier seen the photo with a large “censored’ banner hiding the lady’s lower parts on Kiwiblog.

    Then also I was rather disgusted by PH’s reaction … she should take lessons from the French PM’s former wife who had far more revealing photos shown in the media …. but of course Aussies are rather strait-laced these days so PH was slanting her comments to that audience I guess.

  5. QoT

    Well that’s the thing. While a The Contender-style refusal to comment and thus dignify the accusations is stylish, awesome, and breathtakingly principled, there’s not many places where it’s going to play to your political advantage. Much less Australia.