Oh, they’re not even TRYING

Word to the clearly un-wise: writing up and distributing a list of phrases people aren’t allowed to use is the easiest way imaginable to expose what fraudulent wanks you are.

Standing in the middle of Lambton Quay, stark naked, with the words “I WANT TO FUCK THE PUBLIC HEALTH SYSTEM IN A VERY UNCOMFORTABLE PLACE” would have been a subtler approach.

But actually spelling out, “don’t say advocacy. Don’t say inequalities. Do say value-for-money health” is pre-school-level stuff.

Who the hell does this? Yes, you want to rebrand things. Yes, you want a clear message and uniform tone across your organisation or Ministry’s communications. But the kind of moronic comms advisor who actually says “let’s tell people they can’t use the phrase “public health” any more” SHOULD BE TAKEN BEHIND THE CHEMICAL SHEDS AND SHOT AT DAWN.

What’s depressing is that this is just par for the fucking course with this Government.

Hat tip: The Standard.



  1. jcuknz

    Since the minister said he wqasn’t in favour of the list I think you are railing against the wrong folk with your blinkered politics … it is some senior departmental twit trying to be PC with the change of government … should be treated as the joke it is.

    • QoT

      Since the minister in question refused to comment at the time of that article’s publication, and has colleagues who have by no means been shy about criticizing their Ministries’ senior staff? And since I, you know, also criticized the comms advisor probably involved? I think I’m railing against exactly the right people. Any “senior departmental twit” stupid enough to do something like this would be immediately and publicly censured – if the Government saw a problem with this or hadn’t authorised/pushed for such changes.

      Trying to tar this idiocy with the traditionally-associated-with-the-left PC brush is just ridiculous. As pointed out at The Standard, it’s classic, boring 1984-esque Newspeak.

      You know, I rather resent the idea that my only problem with this is because of my “blinkered politics”. This kind of list is self-evidently stupid. Its creation and publication is self-evidently amateur hour. The joke? Is that while National campaigned on Cutting The Red Tape and Cleaning Up The Bureaucratic Waste in this country, this list got created on their watch.

  2. Jack Hackett

    [QoT: You know, your sub-par trolling is such that I can’t figure out if you honestly think you’re being clever or are just oblivious. My blog, my rules, and sorry, telling you to fuck off is not comparable to the subject matter discussed here.]

  3. Jack Hackett

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    [QoT: I hate to break it to you, Jack, but your trolling is in no way original. Whinging that I stifle dissent and only want comments that agree with me on my own blog? Claiming some kind of Higher Purpose behind your trollish postings? Calling a ranty feminist blogger angry? You’re just boring. This isn’t a cute little game we’re playing, I’m not impressed by your claims of martyrdom. Until you have anything original or sincere to say (I’m going with never) I am not interested in having your comments appear on my blog. Go make your own if it’s that important – something else I doubt.]