Action! Pay Equity Faxathon at The Hand Mirror

The lovely bloggers of The Hand Mirror are organising a Pay Equity Faxathon on March 6th. Arm your fax machines, proud Kiwis, and let Tony “fuck women social workers, we’re in a RECESSION, people!!!” Ryall know how you feel about dicking over women workers.

For those of us sans fax machines, there’s also a handy Facebook group, where some obliging idiots have chosen to again demonstrate the lovely tendency of certain sectors of society* to bury their heads in the sand and pretend that what’s really happening is we silly bints aren’t willing to just work as hard as men. I direct you fuckers to the comments of Andrew fucking Talley – you know, that dude who did deliberately pay women less than men for the same level of work. You chaps should get along just fine.

And of course, there’s always the mail – and if there’s one fact I think isn’t publicized enough to Da Yoof, it’s that postage to those bastards in Parliament is free of charge.

The Hand Mirror’s Pay Equity Hub is a great resource, and not just because they say nice things about me.

*White, middle-class men, I am looking at you.

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  1. Julie

    Thanks so much for the linky love, and the kind words. I’m really surprised at how the faxathon is picking up momentum. I thought it would just be something we did at The Hand Mirror and maybe I managed to nag a few of my friends into, but it seems to be taking off a bit, which is great!