New Rule

Dear Herald,

When No Right Turn, The Hand Mirror and Kiwiblog think your article on Bronagh Key’s wardrobe is a bit off? They’re probably right.*

PS. Bronagh Key is not the “First Lady”. The election just gone was not a presidential one (despite our media’s attempts to pretend otherwise and ride the US-style-leaders’-debates bandwagon).

If Bronagh Key wants fashion advice from anyone, she’s a grown-up woman and more than capable of talking to your grab-bag of Fashion Designers Only Readers of Bridget Saunders’ Column Would Recognise on her own initiative.

If Bronagh Key wants to be NZ’s answer to Diana, Princess of Wales (and fucking hell, Herald, of all newspapers in this country I’d expect you to understand the correct form of her title) or Jackie Onassis, then she’s able to make that choice. But please don’t take your pathetic need to invent shallow, superficial news stories, or impose ridiculously inappropriate narratives on her.

And for fuck’s sake, when economic times are tough, when people in the US are still pissed about the amount spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe (hmm, all the fashion-affected people mentioned so far are women, I wonder why), anyone who’s honestly offended that she wore the same jacket twice needs a serious reality check.

*This is now a corollary to my previous Rule of Life, “If any three of ACT, the Greens, the Maori Party and United Future vote against something, it’s probably an objectively bad idea.”


  1. Madeleine

    No Right Turn, the Hand Mirror, KiwiBlog and you are not the only ones, I just did my own rant too.

    It really, really, really pisses me off to see the Herald taking the time to peddle this crap. This is not the 1950’s where the wife was just an accessory.

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