This is not the declaration of war you’re looking for

When I was a wee thing, I thought Chris Trotter was pretty nifty. After all, he vowed to sing The Red Flag live on air if Labour won the election. But then over past years he’s failed to inspire.

Oh, and then, of course, he decided that people expecting Winston Peters to answer their questions (for once) was like a gang-rape.

And now he’s saying some pretty fucked up things about the Maori Party, as covered at No Right Turn:

If 70 percent of those availing themselves of the anomalous constitutional phemonenon of the Maori Seats do not unreservedly identify with the state responsible for preserving – and, indeed, augmenting – the institution of guaranteed Maori representation, then on what basis does that state sanction the Seats’ continued existence?

As NRT points out, the notion that Maori, by the simple act of identifying as Maori, are rejecting “New Zealander-ness” and therefore enemies of the state … well, it’s a bit fucking batshit, innit?

It gets better.

If it denies Labour a fourth term by negotiating a coalition agreement with National, that will amount to – and will be taken as – a declaration of war on the whole labour movement – brown as well as white.

Woooooooooooooooooow. Now, sure, on the one hand I can see a lot of Maori Party supporters being pretty hacked off if the Party entered a coalition agreement with National without gaining some bloody substantial policy concessions – and the same would go for the Greens, even. It could amount to political suicide on the Maori Party’s part.

But a declaration of war on the labour movement? Are you kidding?

Of course, given his ludicrously over-the-top response to criticism about the gang-rape comments (and cheers again to Craig Ranapia for doing the follow-up there):

How incredibly sad, that women who have the temerity to call themselves feminists are so blinded by their own self-righteousness that they actually feel more comfortable directing their outrage against the use of a simple literary metaphor, than in calling to account the person or persons responsible for tormenting and humiliating a fellow human-being.

… I think the truth’s out: Chris Trotter is that most feared of things – a real-life troll.



  1. fuckpoliteness

    Oh FUCK OFF dude (Chris Trotter, not you obv!)…a ‘simple literary device’…how…quaint! No problem at ALL if it’s just a simple ‘literary’ device, please feel free to appropriate to yourself the horror of a gang rape, the degradation and violence experienced by ACTUAL HUMAN BEINGS in order to make a wildly hyperbolic point that you feel that someone had been given a tough time and was under some undue pressure…and then to bitchslap feminists for objecting and ‘daring’ to call themselves feminists.

  2. Ami Angelwings

    I’m getting rly f-ing tired of ppl referring to stuff as “like gang rape” >:\ It’s like Hannah on America’s Top Model that referred to the women of colour on that show calling her out on her racism as being “like gang rape”.

    No it’s f-ing nothing like rape of ANY SORT! I’m tired of gamers using “rape” as a synonym for “defeat” and ppl in general using “gang rape” as a synonym of “being bothered by multiple ppl”! >:O