Women: Part of the furniture, and like furniture, just property

Firstly, a marvellous post by the Ex-expat over at The Hand Mirror:

A rugby player harasses a female flight attendant and sure enough, the incident is retold in the media as players indulging in hi-jinks or flirtation and the uptight bitch flight attendant has overreacted to just one little phrase, I like the way you walk.


Sit down with ex-expat as she vainly tries to explain why if you think that women should in any way have to put up with or even worse think that this sort of behaviour is a misguided attempt at flattery, you’re a dumb ass.

But ex-expat, those Good Rugby Boys were Just Being Lads, surely! They could Have Any Woman They Wanted so why would they harass an air hostess flight attendant (and Christ on a bike how the use of language exposes some fuckers for the sexist pigs they are).

I am simply relieved that the airline took the attendant’s complaints seriously.

And then, some offline fuckwittery: as reported here, a German man has been jailed for selling his girlfriend into sexual slavery in exchange for beer.

That’s not the stupid.

The stupid, tragically not available online, is how this was reported in NZ Lawyer magazine, under their “Folklaw” section – clearly a jolly, light-hearted page of lawyerly anecdotes – which is the only reason why the short recount was peppered with phrases like,

“Men will do anything for the thing they love”

“Clearly, the police [after the woman laid a complaint] weren’t aware of the calibre of beer we’re talking about”

… because clearly this is a wacky wee fable to delight young and old. I can hear the Blokes Down The Pub now: “That must’ve been some pretty good beer, right, mate?” “Oh nah, mate, wouldn’t take more than a slab of Tui for someone to take fucking Sheila off my hands.” LOLOLOLOL.

Let’s be very clear here. A woman was RAPED, REPEATEDLY, OVER A PERIOD OF WEEKS, with the collusion of her “boyfriend”. She was SOLD like a fucking chattel by one man to another.

It’s not fucking funny.

It’s not a light-hearted anecdote.


And on the front fucking page of the same fucking issue? Coverage of an Australian appeal reinstating the conviction of a Melbourne brothel owner of sexual slavery. Mmm, irony.

You can contact the editor of NZ Lawyer here.



  1. Dina

    The “news item” is taken from the Thomas Hardy novel, The Mayor of Casterbridge.

    Sometimes I think these news items
    are meant to inspire anti-female pub/office talk in order to demean women because it suits a particular political agenda.