It may go without saying …

Yet more headline shenanigans:

Abortion laws threaten Catholic hospitals

I personally would have gone with

Catholic hospitals threaten to let women die to make a bullshit moral point

… but maybe that’s just me.

The Victorian Parliament is considering a Bill which would require medical practitioners, against their “conscientious objection” to abortion, to perform an abortion if necessary to save a woman’s life.

Obviously this kind of thing is not on.

THE Catholic Church’s extensive network of hospitals in Victoria faces a “real threat” from planned new abortion laws, Archbishop Denis Hart says.

He warned parishioners that Catholic-run hospitals might have to stop running conventional maternity and emergency services if Parliament passed the laws.

He warned in a pastoral letter that Catholic staff would face having to break the law if they wanted to maintain anti-abortion beliefs.

Bonus points for use of my personal favourite antichoicer slogan, “culture of death”.

More over at the Hoydens‘, but suffice it to say:

Archbishop Denis Hart, On the Charge of Taking “Prolife” Hypocrisy To Staggering New Levels of Stupid, you are Officially Scum.

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  1. Craig Young

    Personally, I don’t think that there’s anything ‘moral’ at all about prohibiting abortion. For me, feminist philosophers Rosalind Petcheskey and Beverly Harrison provide fabulous cases why not.