It’s going to be a long election campaign …

First up, happy Suffrage Day, Kiwi-folk. Ain’t the best for me as I am well crook and now, thanks to this post at The Standard, thoroughly fed up with political “debate” in this country.

The post states that a young activist was protesting as an entourage of National Party 4WDs approached. One struck him, albeit at low speed. Steve Pierson reminds us of the case of Christine Clark, who died after being run down at a picket.

Now, I certainly wouldn’t expect everyone who regularly comments at The Standard to instantly believe every detail of the story, or instantly decry the actions of the driver, or totally side with an anti-National Party activist.

On the other hand, it really pisses me off how quickly the traditional primary-school retorts started flying.

  1. But he was IN THEIR WAY OMG!!!
  2. But Trevor Mallard hits people TOO!!!!
  3. But the guy hit by the car IS A MEANIE!!!

And finally someone called “Go The Right” decides this is the perfect time to say “BUT HELEN CLARK IS A LESBIAN OH MY GOD.”

Seriously, did none of these people ever get the, “It doesn’t matter who started it” speech as a kid?

And people wonder why I’m so fucking cynical.



  1. George Darroch

    I’m disgusted. It’s actually kinda nice being Australia at the moment – I can filter out the huge screeds of stupidity that are coming from NZ, and ignore Australian politics as it isn’t mine.

    I do intend on coming home though, and hope idiots don’t fuck it up too badly while I’m away.

    [QoT: We’ll do our best to stem the tide of stupid till you’re back, George!]