Short and sweet …

Because No Right Turn and Hard News have already covered the other salient points about Deborah Coddington’s … column – the “forgetting to mention you just made shit up to hate on Asians” thing, the “calling people “insane bloggers” ain’t exactly conducive to a quick chat-ette” thing, but I just want to pick up two of my personal bugbears:

It’s not a real apology if you say, “I’m sorry you were offended”. It’s really not. Because you’re making the offence not about your words/distortions/racist bullshit, you’re making it about the people who were offended by same, and implying that, “insane bloggers” that they are, they chose to be offended.

It’s the good old, “Such-and-such was raped” passive voice, and while I’m aware it’s a bit of a leap from “offence” to “sexual assault”, you already fucking went there, Deborah. Getting called on your racist, dog-whistle bullshit is

the media equivalent of a gang rape

by sadists?

Please add to your To-Do list:

  1. Learn some fucking empathy
  2. Learn how to fucking apologise
  3. If that’s too hard, don’t pretend to be “sorry”
  4. GO TO HELL.

And a New Rule: Anyone who uses “gang rape” as a metaphor for being asked difficult questions about your own actions is Officially Scum.