If there is a God …

The following post contains description of the deeds and words of Kyle Payne.  It is placed behind the fold for those who do not want to read his writing or deal with the issues involved, including sexual assault.

If there is a God, Kyle fucking Payne won’t have Internet access in prison.

The good news: the hypocritical wankstain is going to prison.

The mind-numbingly aggravating news: he’s “updated” his blog.

Shorter Kyle Payne: I, I, I, me, me, me, oh yeah, victim, me, me, me.

But here’s where I start throwing things at walls:

Despite the fact that I have spoken out regularly in the past about the pervasiveness of the “rape culture” in our society, and pointed out various ways men are socialized to objectify, degrade, and in a host of other ways, harm women, I failed to recognize and confront my own identification with sexism and male dominance. I forgot what should have been overwhelmingly clear from my involvement with feminism – that all men living in a patriarchal system, even those who struggle against it, act in ways that are sexist and benefit from these actions.

Kyle, clue-by-four: there’s a bit of a fucking difference between “being a man and thus, without necessarily being a misogynist fuckstain, benefitting from patriarchy by getting paid more” and “committing sexual assault“.

One of these things is “benefitting” from sexism, and one of these IS A FUCKING SEX CRIME – oh, I’m sorry, a “wake-up call”. A WAKE-UP CALL? Well I’m glad your actions, your crimes, which have possibly scarred a woman for life, can have a silver fucking lining. I’m so glad this can be a moment of personal fucking revelation for you, Kyle.

For bonus “well fucking duh” factor:

As I am still processing the significance of this day and what meaning I can draw from it personally


– and more to the point, I’m completely exhausted –

Well, Jesus, I guess that’s o-fucking-kay then. Kyle is exhausted, guys. I guess we should lay off, right?

The interesting bit:

a statement I prepared for today’s hearing but did not give

a) Did not give? Interesting. Wasn’t allowed to give, maybe? If so, by whom? I can’t imagine this self-aggrandizing fuckstain actually demonstrating real humility.

b) First “excerpt”? Addressing the victim.

Oh, Kyle, how great are the depths of your just-not-fucking-getting-it? Do you think she wants to hear about you? Your feelings? Do you think it’s a comfort to her that you‘re committed to “alleviating the suffering [you] have caused”? What the fuck are you going to do, Kyle, verbally masturbate about your pain so She Can Understand How Much You Understand Her Pain? What the fuck can you do, Kyle? Rebuild her trust in men in positions of authority? Reverse time and stop yourself from being a sexual harasser? Oh, wait, sorry, that’s asking the impossible, right, because there was, like, this urge, and you, right, just couldn’t understand it, so, you, like, just did it. WHAT A MANFUL ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Oh wait, I have an idea. You could GO THE FUCK AWAY and stop using what YOU DID TO HER as fodder for your own faux-feminist autoerotic ego-stroking.

Somehow, though, I don’t see it happening.



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