I don’t even LIKE Keira Knightley

Ami Angelwings has a post up with which I cannot agree more:

It pisses me off so much that if a female hero succeeds, not even to the degree that male heroes succeed at, but just merely SUCCEED, just merely SAVE THE DAY and not need a guy to hold her hand doing it, the cries of “OMG MARY SUE” come up! >:| It pisses me off that heroism is seen as a guys only job, and that the idea of a female char that can fight just as hard, stand up just as tall, and fight without backing down or crying, is seen as this UNREALISTIC thing PUSHED into the story, and any success she gets is seen as forced into the story by the writers… >:|

It’s exactly the argument I’ve tried to make before, elsewhere, about Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean, frequently decried as a terrible Mary-Sue: hang on a tick, people, if she were the Governor’s plucky son Elijah Swann, not all her undiscovered talents and knack for being in the right plotline at the right time and occasional good moments of dialogue would hold a freaking candle to the combined Gary-Stu-ness of Will, Jack, Barbossa, Norrington, even that freakin’ monkey.

The only thing I can add to Ami’s rant is this: you want to bitch about Mary-Sues in Star Wars, people? Start with Kyle fucking Katarn.