This is not an IBARW post

User shemale over on Livejournal has basically summed up why I haven’t wanted to post for International Blog Against Racism Week.

Looking at the entries linked from the “roundup,” i have to wonder what the international blog against racism week does apart from covering up a lot of the decent writing about racism with a stinking white effluvia of blind privilege and overt racism under the guise of anti-racism–for this week anyway, and then they can go back to not ever even bothering to think about racism.

Even by the mongrel standards of New Zealand, I am bloody white. English/Irish/Scots/Norwegian. My peer group is almost entirely white, barring a few awfully stereotypical “tokens”.* I am not and have never been a victim of racism – being called “palagi” once or twice at a Maori/Polynesian-majority Intermediate school does not in any way count.

I don’t know what to say about racism without it basically being about me. And that is just so not cool.

So go read The Angry Black Woman. Or Whenua Fenua Enua Vanua. Or BlackAmazon. Check out the dozens of posts, written throughout the year, at the Erase Racism Carnival. ETA: Or the awesome writings of Brownfemipower.

Racism: it’s not just a week for whiteys to self-flagellate.**

*And I ain’t listing them, because that would entirely miss the point.
**And seriously, the parallels between this and the Kyle Payne excuse-for-an-explanation? Just wrong.


  1. Natasha Yar-Routh

    Very well said, what do we as whites really know of racism. Yes I’ve seen white privilege and rcism at work but actually experienced it no.

    I would ad La Chola to your list of recommended reads.

    [QoT: Definitely! Couldn’t find the link for brownfemipower when I was sleepily typing this up. *headdesk* Love her writing.]

  2. Lea

    I was about to ask, “But what about all the POC, it’s mostly POC posting” and then thought twice about it. I toddled over to the IBARW account and there are about 300 posts tagged by.poc and about 400 tagged by.white.people so, clearly, you’re right. IBARW is starting to become a paste-fest.