The TV Couple of the Noughties

Lauredhel at Hoyden About Town posits a fascinating question – what TV couple defines our decade, the difficult-to-find-a-non-dodgy-nickname-for 00s?

My answers, a bit more fleshed out (and not in any particular order), follow – shouldn’t be any fear of spoilers as NZ TV? Not great with the screening-things-any-time-soon.

1. Hiro and Ando – dear God, a superhero/non-hero friendship that isn’t constantly wracked with angst about Waah I Has No Powers, Waah I Has Powers insecurities. Sure, plenty of existential questioning and musings about fate/duty, but their friendship is still basically the same from day 1 – they trust each other, they love each other, they’ll always wait for each other (even over entire damn centuries).

2. Adama and Roslin – because their relationship (up to end of season 2, folks – that’s how bad NZ TV is) developed so wonderfully, and there were those episodes where you were thinking, are they actually getting in romance-territory, and then the first episode where Roslin’s all sick and fragile and Adam just gives her that adorable little kiss? OH MY GOD I fell off the sofa. They are both such awesomely fantastic characters, they’re adult enough to have feelings for each other and still have occasionally massively-divergent viewpoints, they’re so damn awesome.

3. House and Wilson – Words cannot convey how much every single interaction between these guys makes me squee. Another kind of Adama/Roslin relationship – sometimes they just cannot comprehend the other’s actions, but dammit, they’re still the best friends each other has (wow, slightly awkward grammar there).

4. Denny and Alan – No words. Too phenomenally awesome.

5. Servilia and Octavia – DEAR GOD, a lesbian relationship? On MY television? Without, you know, both being extremely young/hot? Older women can be powerful and kickass and manipulative without being shallow 2-dimensional stereotypes? NO WAI.

I swear, Captain Jack would’ve made a showing, but can you believe Torchwood hasn’t even screened here? I need to get off my butt and do some downloading.

To get totally wanky about it, what the heck do my faves say about the kinds of relationships I like to see on TV? Definitely two-thumbs-up for friendships/relationships where people can just acknowledge that their partner can disagree with them, even on really, really important/fundamental things, and get over that to have a fantastically close bond. And it doesn’t have to be sappy, and it doesn’t have to be rocked by idiotic stress-crowbarring plotlines like And Then A Pregnant Ex Turns Up, or And Then I Think You’ve Betrayed Me But It Would Only Take A Two-Minute Conversation To Clear Things Up.

My current favourite didn’t make the list at Hoyden About Town, though: Dexter Morgan and Deborah Morgan. We’re still mid-season-one here, and my God, I love these two. They are such a wonderful sibling pair. I love how Deborah’s the crass cop who says fuck a lot, and how Dexter totally doesn’t get her more normal-functioning-human attitudes but is still there for her because she’s his family. Also, they are in one of the best shows ever.


  1. lauredhel

    But wait – there’s more! Logan and Veronica, Lorelai and luke, JD and Turk. , Michelle and Tony, Elizabeth and Darcy (it’s a stretch), joey/Dawson, Boorh/Bones ANnnnnnnd: John/Sam/Donna.

  2. QoT

    Lauredhel, if you give me YET MORE OPTIONS (come on, no Kelso/Kelso’s-wife-whose-name-I’ve-forgotten?) I will only become increasingly confused and then fall down.