Never let logic get in the way of sexism!

A proposal has been formed by Victoria University of Wellington that will effectively gut and destroy its School of Gender and Women’s Studies.

This proposal makes approximately no sense, and I don’t even have to use specifically-feminist arguments to explain why.

  1. The University claims it wants to focus on research levels (= money). GWS, for having only 2 full-time lecturers and a total staff of under 10, produces a phenomenal level of research publication for its size.
  2. Going where the money and prestige are, the University further wants to encourage postgraduate study. GWS has (wait for it) around TEN PhDs currently underway. It enjoys the highest rate of postgraduate study for its size in the entire university.
  3. You want even more money? GWS is one of the best programmes of its kind not just within NZ but internationally, and draws one HELL of a lot of interest and students from all over.

The case for destroying I mean restructuring GWS is even weaker than the one they tried to build against the Film department only a month or two ago, and they’re still under the impression that sneaking this through and not informing key stakeholders until the day after submissions close is somehow going to Fool Us All.

Well, tough luck. Because this Wednesday, 28 May, 12 noon, meeting in the courtyard of the Hunter Building, there is a PROTEST. Not just for GWS. For all the departments and programmes that could be next in line for this kind of undemocratic, illogical, someone-read-an-article-in-an-overseas-magazine-and-thought-it-would-look-Efficient-and-Modern-to-do-it-here BULLSHIT.

I certainly encourage all of you in Wellington NZ to come along for some direct action and banana cake.

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