It Is Delicious Hypocrisy, You Will Love It

It was nearly three weeks ago, and I’m still so bloody mad about this.

One of my vicious pet hates is the fascinatingly obvious hypocrisy of people. Middle-class white woman in Hummer driving the littlies to private school is snapped by speed camera? MY GOD, IT’S A BLIGHT ON SOCIETY, IT’S JUST A REVENUE-GATHERING EXERCISE. Asian student in Mercedes is snapped by speed camera? GET THESE FOREIGN DEVILS OFF THE ROADS, THEY’RE ENDANGERING THE KIDDIES.

But truly nothing in my two-decades-plus-some on this planet ever really prepared me for this:

[Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro’s] comments are hugely provocative at a time when a decent hard working citizen is facing a murder charge because of his frustration over this issue.

That’s Garth McVicar, everyone’s favourite lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-key spokesman for the Nonsensical Sensible Sentencing Trust.

That’s Garth McVicar, a man who thinks criminals are comparable to mad dogs and wants a “better deal for victims” … referring to the stabbing to death of a fifteen-year-old boy as “frustration”.

I don’t really know that it needs any more analysis than that. And New Zealand Herald? I really don’t think it matters a single bloody iota that Pihema Cameron “was about to tag a fence“. Unless by that your writers meant to imply “thus rendering the killing even more saddening and the killer more pathetic”. Which I doubt.

You know what frustrates me? The fact that our media refer to thuggish brutes like Bruce Emery as “businessmen” and give openly hypocritical, racist bastards like the “Sensible” Sentencing Trust the time of day.

So, Garth, who do I get to stab to death?

Hat tip: The Standard

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